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Why Choose West Texas Swim Coaching?

West Texas Swim Coaching offers a technique-focused swim program for the Northwest Texas Islanders Swim Club (NWTX Islanders).  It is a USA-Swimming and USMS club providing technique-first swim coaching, open water swim training, competition, and adventure swim travel.  All participants must become members of USA Swimming or USMS.

Individual lessons are available for children and adults learning to swim and are offered year-round.  Cost is $47 per half hour.  Call Coach Harris to schedule a lesson (806.922.6533).

The B Team is a training group for the A Team. Swimmers must take an individual lesson to assess current abilities and be invited to join.  Cost per swimmer is $75 per month.

The A Team is for serious, year-round youth swimmers ages 9 and up. Practices are conducted three times per week, and 80% attendance is required.  Swimmers must be current members of the B Team and invited to join.  Cost per swimmer is $94 per month. If the swimmer meets the 80% required attendance there is a $10 bonus, lowing the monthly fee to $84.  

If you have any questions about our swim programs, please call or contact me online. 



See you at the pool!
Coach Tom Harris

Swimming Options & Pricing

Individual Swim Lessons

$47 per half hour

Gold's Gym

(offered year-round)

Swim Team Pricing

A Team

$94 per month

B Team

$75 per month

Swim Practice Locations

Gold's Gym

Warford Activity Center

Lake Meredith 

*In order to swim with West Texas Swim Coaching at various swimming pools, a fee or gym membership may be required.

Swim Team Policies

1. If swimmer is on the A team, 80% attendance is required.

- Family vacation is allowed for a maximum of 20 days annually.

- Sickness and required school events do not count against attendance.


- Just about any capable person can swim open water with us through our Masters program including members of other swim teams and former members of our team.

- For insurance purposes, they must belong to US Masters Swimming or USA-Swimming.

- The cost is $40/month for any month in which they swim and it includes participation in our Monday morning USMS practices. There is no fee for the parents of our team swimmers other than trip fees and registration fees for USMS.

3. SEASONAL SPORTS    (for team swimmers)

- In order to accommodate members of our team who desire to participate in a seasonal sport (ex. football, volleyball, etc.), we will make an exception to our 80% attendance policy. This is limited to 1 seasonal sport per year (4-month season) and to swimmers who have mastered all 4 strokes. For seasonal sports other than high school swimming, the swimmer must continue to attend our swim practices at least once a week and continue to pay the regular fee.

- For those participating in high school swimming, they may skip our practices entirely, but must continue to pay half the regular fee.

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